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  • DACFILL Roof coating

    A ready-to-use waterbased liquid membrane for roofsFind out more ...
  • BIOSAN ULTRA Floor coating

    Where hygiene control and high abrasion resistance are essentialFind out more ...
  • Rustoleum Hard Hat


    Go further, work quicker, last longer!Find out more ...
  • Noxyde

    NOXYDE Cladding paint

    Ultimate corrosion protectionFind out more ...
  • Peganox

    PEGANOX Cladding paint

    Water based elastic coating, optimised for brush/roller applicationFind out more ...
  • Alkythane

    ALKYTHANE Metal paint

    High performance topcoat for metalFind out more...
  • The Rustoleum Collection


    Buy it online - save money and time!
Great stock of the Rustoleum products range. We stock all the market's best surface preparations, primers, cold galvanising solutions, zinc coatings, RAL topcoats, fluorescent paint, metal paint, heat resistant and clear topcoats, floor paints, anti slip solutions, marking sprays, stain blockers and accessories.

The new Biosan Hygiene paint is ideal for use in hospitals, food processing plants, kitchens, dairies, breweries, leisure centres and schools.

Noxyde and Peganox offer the ultimate protection for metal roofs, metal fabrication and cladding.

If you can’t find the right paint solution here please contact us and we will recommend the best product for the job at the right price.
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